Noodles are a favourite dish of the Korean nation.
   Ryongbiochonga, an old book of Koryo, reads that the Koryo people entertained their guests with noodles.
   Noodles were served as an everyday food, and, as its elongated strip meant a long life, it was prepared as a special food for wedding and birthday tables and on the 15th day of the lunar January, wishing longevity and happiness.
   They are divided into buckwheat noodles, starch noodles, corn noodles and wheat noodles according to materials, and into cold noodles, warm noodles, cold noodles in tray, noodle hash, chopped noodles and cold noodles with marinated fish filet according to how they are prepared.
   Pyongyang cold noodles and Hamhung potato starch noodles are representative of buckwheat and starch noodles respectively.

   A coil of seasoned noodles is put on a vessel, garnished with meat, kimchi, cucumber and so on, and then served in warm or cold soup. It is a famous dish of the Pyongyang area.

Noodles in tray

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