Pheasant, Hazel grouse
   The pheasant weighs 0.92~1.25kg on the average and is quite fleshy.
   Its meat tastes sweet and is highly nutritious, and that of the pheasants between September and March the following year tastes best.
   Pheasants and hazel grouses are hunted within the boundaries of the designated hunting area during autumn and winter, mainly with guns and nooses.
   Hunting of the pheasants and hazel grouses is forbidden between April and May, their breeding season.
   The pheasant, after the kill, is skinned, skewered and barbecued as a whole, and then eaten with salt.
   It is known as a special delicacy.
   Besides, the pheasant wrapped in leaves of bristle-tooth oaks, coated with clay and roasted is another savoury food.
   The pheasant stock is famous for being served with noodles.