Porridge is made of cereals by boiling them in 2~3 times more water than needed in making boiled cereals, until cereals fully absorb liquid and swell up.
   Porridge is easier to eat than boiled cereals and also highly digestive, so it is recommended for not only a healthy person but also ill and weak ones or those with poor digestion.
   It is a custom of preparing porridge added with fresh green vegetables and edible herbs in spring, fish in summer and fruit in winter.
   On winter solstice day adzuki beans are used to make porridge as a special food in winter.
   Porridge with adzuki beans is also eaten in summer to keep away from heat.
   It is made with cereals including rice, adzuki bean, soy bean and mung bean. Sometimes it is added with vegetables, edible greens, fish and other ingredients.
   Those prepared with insam, pine nut, apricot stone, sesame and other health-promoting ingredients are good for health and medical treatment.
   Porridge is prepared with cereals in complete, water-milled and powdered forms, on low fire.
   When preparing pine-nut porridge, rice and pine nuts are watered and milled before boiling. Otherwise, water-milled rice is cooked first and, when it is done, milled pine nuts are added to it.
   Porridge is seasoned when served or eaten.