One of the special dishes of the Korean nation is a casserole or jongol in Korean, a dish of meat, fish, vegetables and other ingredients put in a pan or a pot with a little water, cooked and eaten from its pot.
   Since they are made by boiling various ingredients together in a pot and eaten hot, casseroles are tasty, wholesome, digestive and good for health.
   Casseroles and sinsollo, another special dish of Korea, are two prominent national dishes.
   Typical ingredients for preparing casseroles are beef, chicken, squid and bean curd.
   Old records read that either sinsollo or casseroles had been served as dishes for feasts.
   Casseroles are prepared in a similar way to sauteed and steamed dishes.
   Originally the container in which a casserole was cooked was similar in shape to jonnip (a soldier’s helmet in a feudal society).
   A little broth was poured into the hollow part in the middle of the container, ingredients were sauteed and eaten, and when juices flowed into the broth eggs were added, half-boiled and eaten.
   Afterwards, the container took on the shape of the present-day one.
   In preparing a casserole, sliced ingredients are cooked in a little oil and eaten, and then broth and eggs are added to the juices and cooked until eggs are poached.
   A rich assortment of cooking ingredients, including a variety of meat, fish and fresh vegetables in season, offers unique taste and a harmony of high nutrition, thus making the dish absolutely perfect.