Jay, Blue magpie, Sparrow
   Jays, resident birds of Korea, inhibit in woodlands in a flock of over ten.
   As they like seeds, frogs and insects, the birds are trapped, snared and hooked with them as baits.
   The meat is rather fishy and tough, but they can be processed into several delicious foods.
   The blue magpie is a non-migratory bird that lives in flocks along the shore near villages and hills and breeds in summer.
   In winter it is seen at the foot of mountains searching food.
   Its meat, pleasant-tasting and highly nutritious, is prepared into several dishes, by barbecuing, basting, frying and hard-boiling.
   To remove its fleshy smell, strong spices are required.
   Sparrows are resident in Korea, near villages, in the fields and at the foot of the mountains.
   Their meat and bones are soft, nutritive and rich in medicinal properties.
   Sparrows are basted, prepared into wonton and other soups, and fried.