Fried Dishes
   Since antiquity, Korean people prepared dishes of meats, fish, vegetables and other materials sliced or minced, marinated, dipped in flour, coated with beaten egg and fried with oil in a pan.
   Because they are prepared in heat processing, minimizing loss of nutrients, fried dishes retain tastes and aroma unique to ingredients as well as look pretty and appetizing.
   Meats, fish and vegetables are used for frying.
   They may be cut into slices, or grounded, seasoned, formed into round and flat shapes to be fried.
   Various flower patterns can be applied to frying materials.
   Frying materials may be either raw or parboiled prior to cooking.
   In order to prevent the loss of nutrients through juice coming out from the foods, they may be dipped in flour and coated with beaten egg, and fried slowly in a moderate temperature.
   Fried foods are garnished before the egg-coated side is fully cooked.
   Too much oil in the pan may not bring out the fair colour and level surface of the fries.