Silver carp, Grass carp, Aristichthys nobilis, Parabramis pekinensis, Shad
   Silver carp is found in the middle and lower reaches of the Amnok and Tuman rivers, rivers emptying into the West Sea of Korea, and reservoirs.
   The fish is caught between July and August by netting or angling.
   Raw slices, soup, stew, sweet and salty dish, hard-boiled and other dishes of the fish have their unique tastes.
   Grass carp is a freshwater fish found in the lower reaches of the rivers and reservoirs across the country.
   It is caught by netting, but in many cases is fished between June and September with a reel and multiple hooks by taking advantage of its grass-eating habit. Baits are made with fresh peach and other little fruits.
   Grass carp is cooked into soup, roasted, steamed, boiled in soy sauce and made into dumplings.
   Aristichthys nobilis is largely found in rivers and streams on the lowlands along the east and west coasts.
   It resembles silver carp in appearance. Its head is particularly big and it has its eyes on the lower part of the head.
   Aristichthys nobilis caught between June and July tastes very delicious.
   It is eaten in raw slices, cooked into soup, steamed, or stewed in sauce.
   Parabramis pekinensis is a freshwater fish found in the Taedong and Chongchon rivers, rivers and reservoirs south of the Chongchon River.
   It is caught between April and July by angling or netting. It is roasted, stewed, hard-boiled and steamed.
   Shad is caught between May and June by angling or netting.
   It is marinated in vinegar to be eaten raw, roasted, made into meatballs or stewed.