Soybean Dishes
   The soybean is one of major sources of oil and protein and is also an excellent cooking ingredient in promoting people’s health and their diet.
   As it contains no or less cholesterol and saturated fatty acid ingested with animal protein, it is recommended for the dietary treatment of the people who suffer from arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and geriatric diseases.
   Korea is the birthplace of the soybean.
   That Korea has a long history of soybean cultivation can be proved by the fact that it leads the world in the processing technology of beans.
   From long ago, the Koreans made soy sauce, bean paste and bean curd and sprouted soybeans for cooking ingredients.
   They also prepared a variety of foods with soybeans, including boiled bean-mixed rice, soup, porridge, cake, starch jelly coated with beans, seasoned beans, and salted beans.