Sweets & Drinks
   From olden times, the Korean people enjoyed a variety of specialty sweets and drinks prepared from ingredients with nutritive and medicinal properties that were abundant in the country and flavoured to meet their tastes, and constantly developed their processing technology.
   Traditional sweets and drinks include yumilgwa, tasik, jonggwa, suksilgwa, kangjong, kwajul, tanmuk, sujonggwa, hwachae, hyangsolgo, jehothang, sudan, milsu, sikhye, kamju, makkolli and tea. They are widely known for their nutritious and physiological efficacy, unique processing methods, and incomparable and rich flavours.
   They are prepared from materials containing plenty of nutritious and medicinal substances necessary for the people’s health and longevity. Therefore, they produce good effects on relieving fatigue, supplementing nutrition, recuperation and preventing illness by one-sided diet.