Seasoned Dishes
   Seasoned dishes are among principal side dishes of the Korean people, and they are widely known across the world as namul.
   Either raw or cooked vegetables, wild edible herbs, meat and fish are marinated or sauced with various spices and flavourings.
   Proper cutting and suitable seasonings may help retain unique taste, aroma and nutrients of fresh vegetables.
   It is recommended to balance sweet and sour tastes with little use of pungent-tasting condiments.
   Vegetables or wild edible herbs may be scalded, steamed or fried before seasoning them.
   In doing so, it is important to ensure their original tastes, aroma, colours and nutritive substances are preserved.
   When frying ingredients, they may be salted, desiccated, cooked with oil and added with seasonings.
   Condiments, such as peppered bean paste, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil and others are used.
   Salads are made of cooked meat or fish mixed with aromatic and soft vegetables and edible herbs, raw or cooked.
   Salads are appetizing and digestive.
   To prepare delicious dishes, various ingredients should be mixed in good proportions, properly seasoned, and served cold.