Carp, Crucian carp, Snakehead
   The carp is a freshwater fish found in the rivers, streams and lakes, except in cold mountain streams in the northern alpine areas, across the country.
   The carp is caught in spring by angling or netting.
   It is delicious and highly medicinal and digestible, and is oily but smells less fishy, so it is either eaten raw, boiled, steamed or prepared in various ways.
   Dishes made of the carp have long been regarded as health-promoting foods.
   The crucian carp is found in fresh water of rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs, but not in mountain streams.
   It is either angled or netted.
   It is prepared into various dishes by boiling in soy sauce, frying, steaming and so on.
   The snakehead is a fish of prey found in still ponds, reservoirs and the Amnok and Taedong rivers.
   It is famous as a health-promoting food and also effective in protecting the liver and normalizing its function, providing nourishment and helping urination.
   It is prepared into several dishes, such as stew, roast in spicy sauce, raw slices, and so on.