Foods for Respiratory System
   The respiratory system plays a role of exchanging gases between the inside and the outside of the body.
   Energy needed for human activities is provided by nutritive substances in the cells being oxidized, which requires sufficient supply of oxygen and prompt discharge of carbon dioxide, a gaseous waste product, from the body.
   So it is of great significance for normal physiological activities, good health and longevity to protect the organs of respiration and treat various troubles in time.
   Weak and troubled respiratory organs may cause dry cough, phlegm, dry throat, rough skin, cold sweat and poor sleep. And people often feel easily tired and difficult in breathing and speaking, perspire excessively and are susceptible to colds.
   Proper combination of traditional medicinal ingredients and cooking materials in preparing dishes for strengthening the respiratory system ensures the improvement of the functions of the spleen and stomach as well as the enhancement of the functions of the kidney and skin closely related with the respiratory system.
   Traditional medicinal stuffs widely used for the respiratory system are insam, fruit of Schizandra chinensis, Liriope platyphylla, Codonopsis lanceolata, lily, apricot stone, root of broad bellflower, Perilla frutescens crispa, ginger, scallion, mint, gingko nut, Solomon's seal, pine nut, walnut and Lonicera japonica Thunb. And favourite food materials include lungs of animals, peanut, radish, pear, chive, duck, hulled adlay, carp, Lentinus edodes, bean, pepper, trepang and Tremella mesenterica.