Soup, liquid food prepared by cooking meat, fish, or vegetables with seasonings in water, is served with boiled cereals.
   Along with kimchi and pickled fish, it is one of favourite traditional dishes of Korea.
   As it enables nourishment to be drawn from ingredients dissolved in water, soup helps digestion and absorption of water and salt needed for human body.
   Soups, both thick and thin, are very good for health.
   Famous Korean soups include sinsollo, loach soup, sollongthang, samgyethang, thick beef soup, wonton soup, and tangogi soup.
   To make delicious soups, it is important to cook ingredients properly as suited to their properties and keep accurate boiling time and temperature.
   Meat soups are flavoured with salt and soybean sauce. Too much spicy seasonings spoil unique flavour of meat soups.
   Those made with fish or vegetables use soybean paste or peppered bean paste as flavouring. Leek, garlic, ginger and other spices are used at the end of cooking, while chilli peppers added first to produce hot taste.