Bread is one of major staple foods of Koreans.
   It tastes good, digests easily and is simple to make and keep in storage.
   It is made in various forms using a variety of ingredients and methods.
   The principal ingredients used in bread making are flours of wheat, corn, oat and barley, which are processed in various methods such as steaming, baking, roasting and frying.
   They are also allowed to ferment using yeast, saleratus and ammonium carbonate.
   Sometimes they are stuffed with cooked adzuki bean, vegetables and other materials.
   Milk and egg are also used in making bread.
   Corn is degenerated to make bread.
   Adzuki bean, mung bean, kidney bean, meat, fish, vegetables are mixed with sugar, glucose, honey, corn starch syrup, oil, milk, egg, lysine and salt, in order to produce bread rolls.