Mandarin fish, Char
   Mandarin fish, fish of prey, is found in the rivers emptying into the West Sea of Korea, such as the Amnok, Taedong and Chongchon rivers, as well as in the limpid water of reservoirs.
   The fish is usually 30~40 centimetres long.
   Mandarin fish was also called Chonja fish or Kumrin fish in old records for its delicious taste.
   They are largely caught by angling and netting between April and November. Minnows and other small fishes are used as baits.
   The fish is eaten raw served with sauce, basted with spicy sauces, steamed and fried.
   Chars are freshwater fishes found in cold and rapid waters of the rivers in the northern part of the country.
   They are usually 15cm long, and some may be longer than 20cm.
   Chars are favoured for their good tastes and high nutritive and medicinal values.
   They are prepared into congee, roasted, boiled hot, stewed and so on.