It is a dish of meat, fish, vegetables and other materials marinated and threaded on a skewer and cooked over an open fire either on a gridiron or in a frying pan.
   Sometimes, foods are ground and formed into a flat, round shape and cooked.
   There are several ways of preparing the dish.
   Meats, fish and vegetables are cut into chunks or pieces of a regular size, skewered alternately, cooked over a strong charcoal fire, and served hot with vinegared soy sauce.
   What is important in preparing the dish is that raw foods are used and they should be grilled in a short time over a strong fire, so that moisture loss is minimized and the dish tastes tender and savoury.
   In another versions the foods are dipped in flour, coated with beaten egg and before being fried on a pan.
   They are cut into slices, and either parboiled or boiled beforehand.
   The alternately skewered foods are served cold with spicy sauce.
   Finely grounded meat or fish are formed into a thin piece and marinated in sauce before cooking.
   Then they are sprinkled with sesame, sliced and served cold with vinegared soy sauce.