Marinated Dishes
   Fresh meat, fish and vegetables are scalded and seasoned, or they are served raw, often accompanied with sauces.
   They taste fresh and plain with the harmony of unique tastes of raw ingredients and sauces.
   Marinated dishes are one of specialties of Korean cuisine.
   Old records from the Paekje Kingdom showed that its people often ate beef, chicken and pork raw, which means they ate marinated dishes already in the days of the Three Kingdoms.
   As the dishes are prepared with raw or parboiled ingredients, it is important to ensure their freshness and hygiene.
   Fresh and leaner cuts of beef and its entrails are used for preparing the marinated dishes.
   A variety of fish are used according to seasons, and those with less fat and fishy smell and not so tender flesh are more suitable.
   Parsley, crown daisy and other vegetables are seasoned and served with marinated dishes.
   Parsley is often the principal ingredient in the cookery of marinated fish for its aromatic flavour and detoxifying actions.
   There are several sauces served with the dish, and they are made with peppered bean paste, soy sauce, oil, salt, mustard and other materials.
   In preparing the dish, the meat and fish should be cut into slices after wiping their moisture away.