Pancake, Dumpling, Jelly
   Koreans favoured pancakes, dumplings and jelly as their staple foods.
   From long ago they served pancakes, together with cereal cakes and noodles, on holiday and celebration tables, as well as ate them for everyday meal.
   Pancakes are prepared with glutinous rice, mung bean, wheat, sorghum, buckwheat, potato and corn. Meat, vegetables, edible greens and so on are used as side materials.
   They are very appetizing with unique flavour of cereals well blended with savoury taste and aroma of oil.
   In the Pyongyang area dumpling soup has been a must on the New Year’s Day.
   Jelly is made with starch of buckwheat, mung bean, corn and acorn. In hot summer Koreans liked to eat cool jelly.
   Chogyethang, or cold chicken and mung bean jelly broth, tastes delicious and is good to mitigate heat in summer.