Broiled Dishes
   The cooking of broiled dishes has a long history in the Korean traditional dishes.
   The broiled dishes of Korea were widely known throughout the world, as they were simple to make and tasted good.
   Old historical documents recorded that maekjok, meat dishes broiled in Koguryo style, was acknowledged as one of best dishes in a neighbour country.
   Meat, fish, fragrant-smelling vegetables and edible herbs are dressed beforehand and broiled.
   Sometimes they are cooked over a fire just after they are dressed.
   There are various ways of preparing broiled dishes.
   The materials should not be preserved in sauce too long, but they should be dressed according to broiling methods and materials.
   Broiled dishes should be eaten soon after they are cooked.
   The most desirable is to eat while broiling materials, because the savoury and fragrant roasting smell stimulate appetite and promotes digestion.