Cereal cakes
   Cereal cakes, a traditional dish of Korea, are delicious in taste and highly nutritive.
   It is a custom for Koreans to prepare cereal cakes for holidays and other celebrations, including birthday and wedding ceremonies.
   Korea has a long history of making cereal cakes.
   It is proved by the facts that earthenware steamers were discovered from the remains of the Bronze Age.
   Records of cereal cakes became apparent from the days of the Three Kingdoms.
   Recipes for cereal cakes improved markedly in the days of Palhae and Later Silla, and the food became more diverse in variety during the periods of Koryo and feudal Joson dynasties.
   Cereal cakes are prepared with either cereals or their powders and added with other ingredients.
   And according to how they are made they are divided into chalttok (glutinous rice cake), solgittok (steamed rice cake), cereal cakes, songphyon (cake steamed on a layer of pine needles), steamed rice cake with yeast, kyongdan (cereal cake dumplings), jonbyong (pancakes), fancy cakes and so on.

   Glutinous rice is first soaked, heated in a steamer, sprinkled with salt water and then steamed once again, before being pounded either in a mortar or on a flat stone. The pounded glutinous rice is dressed with red adzuki bean powder.

Glutinous rice cake with mashed red adzuki bean

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