Modern drinks
   Drinks include a variety of processed water with sweet and refreshing tastes, and they contain sugar, carbonic acid, alcohol, organic acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
   They are good for relieving fatigue, stimulating appetite and promoting the secretion of digestive juices and blood circulation.
   Nowadays the importance of drinks and their nutritional benefits are widely known, and a larger number of fruits, vegetables and other plant sources have been introduced into their processing, so that their kinds have been increased and they are actively employed in preventing and treating diseases as well as protecting the health of the people.
   Drinks made of fruits and vegetables contain in abundance nutritional substances, sweet agents, and health-promoting organic acids, taste fragrant and refreshing, and have remarkable therapeutic values.
   In particular, such drinks as honeyed juices with fruits in it and fruit juices contain almost all nutrients of natural ingredients, vitamin C and other vitamins and agents good for longevity.
   As they are alkaline in most cases, they prevent oxidation in the body, keep the equilibrium of acid and alkaline, promote metabolism and enhance overall functions of organism.
   Unlike medicines, they help organism increase its general responses and enhance natural healing capacity.
   For example, juices made of pear and apple with organic acids and pectin relieve constipation and treat pain caused by hard stools. Carotene in apple juice improves elasticity of the skin. Those juices also contain more calcium than sodium, so they are good in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, arteriosclerosis and cardiac troubles.
   Teas are also good for health.
   Tea made of insam, a Korean specialty, has insam saponin and other elements, which gives refreshing taste, relieves fatigue and stimulates blood circulation.
   And tea made of persimmon leaves contains vitamins C and P in larger amounts than other drinks, so it is highly efficacious in treating hypertension, diabetes and gastritis.
   It is good to have drinks several times a day, instead of drinking all at once.