Flatfish, Rock fish, Sculpin
   Flatfishes are stationary marine fish that are found along the coasts of the East and West seas of Korea.
   They are caught between April and August in the East Sea of Korea and between May and June in the West Sea of Korea, with fish hooks or nets.
   They have white meat and are less smelly.
   They may be served raw, roasted and fried. They are also pickled and fermented.
   Rock fishes are widely distributed in the west and east coasts of Korea, and are highly valued as delicious and nutritive food.
   They are caught between May and September in the East Sea and between April and July in the West Sea.
   They are either served raw or prepared into soup, fried, hard-boiled, roasted and steamed dishes. Fermented rock fish is considered a choice food.
   Sculpins are found in shallow waters of the East Sea of Korea, especially off South Hamgyong and Kangwon provinces.
   They are prepared into soup, roast dish with spicy sauce, stew and so on.