Eel, Lamprey, Catfish, Loach
   Eels are mainly found in the Amnok, Chongchon and Taedong and other rivers and streams that flow into the West Sea of Korea.
   The maturing adults migrate to the sea for spawning.
   Between May and June is the suitable time for fishing.
   Eels are greatly valued as health food, so they are prepared into various dishes.
   Among them roast eel is considered a choice variety of food.
   Lampreys live in freshwaters of the rivers flowing into the East Sea of Korea, including the Songchon and Kumjin rivers.
   They are eel-like and have seven gill openings on each side of the head.
   They range from about 40~60 centimetres in length.
   Lampreys may compare with eels in nutritive values and taste.
   They are cooked into roasted, stewed or fried dishes, and lamprey cuts hard-boiled in soy sauce and sugar is a choice food.
   Catfishes are found in the lower part of the Taedong River and other rivers and streams across the country, except for the Tuman River and some others emptying into the East Sea of Korea.
   They have white and soft meat, but have strong fishy smell, so they are cooked into thick soup, steamed and hard-boiled dishes added with spicy herbs.
   Loaches are distributed in all parts of the country and live in shallow, stagnant and muddy waters of brooks, ponds, paddy fields and swamps.
   They are 15~20 centimetres long.
   Tasty and highly nutritious, loaches are appreciated as health foods for middle-aged and elderly people.
   Loach soup is one of traditional Korean dishes.