Gray mullet, Trout, Perch, Sweetfish
   Grey mullets live in the sea and on the lower rivers.
   Grey mullet from the Taedong River has long been famous for its pleasant taste, and its soup is a choice dish.
   The fish is also steamed, pot-boiled and roasted with either seasonings or salt.
   Trouts live in the East Sea of Korea, but they return to the stream in order to spawn.
   They are highly nutritious and digestible, so they are roasted, hard-boiled and stewed.
   Perches are found in the West Sea of Korea and in the fresh water of the Amnok, Chongchon and Taedong rivers.
   They are eaten raw just after the catch, or salted, dried and roasted.
   They are also jerked, fried, steamed and so on.
   Sweetfish are distributed in the East, West and South seas of Korea, and the Chongchon and other rivers.
   They mainly live in the ocean, but go up the river in spring and down the river in autumn to spawn.
   Sweetfish of the Chongchon River, famous for its pleasant taste, is skewered, steamed, made into soups, and so on.