Sauteed Dishes
   Korean people ate sauteed dishes since antiquity, maybe before the periods of the Three Kingdoms when they widely used salt, soy bean paste and sauce in their dietary life.
   Because meats and vegetables are cooked at high temperatures, they taste more delicious with little loss of nutrients.
   Tender foods are more desirable in cooking.
   Tough, solid and watery materials may be either pre-boiled or pickled lightly for cooking.
   The foods are cut into same sizes in order to make them done at the same time.
   In preparing dishes, oil should be heated as high as 170~180℃.
   In lower temperatures the foods may lose much juice and become tough.
   Foods requiring longer time to be done should be sauteed first and seasonings last.
   Spicy flavourings such as leek, garlic and ginger, may be cooked in oil before mixing with main materials to add flavour to dishes.
   Sauteed dishes are served hot, and some made with lean meats, fish and vegetables are served cold.