Clam, Scallop, Mussel, Abalone, Conch, Mud-snail, Oyster
   Clams are found in the East and West seas of Korea, typically in the waters off Jungsan, Hanchon and Onchon of South Phyongan Province and on Kakhoe and Panoe islands in South Hamgyong Province.
   Clams are prepared in different ways, such as barbecuing clams on the shingle by spraying alcohol or seasoning scalded clam flesh.
   Scallops are commonly found on the shores of the East Sea.
   Scallop casserole is considered a special dish.
   Mussels, found in the East Sea, are roasted on charcoal fire or prepared into congee.
   Abalones, conchs and mud-snails are members of the class Gastropoda.
   Conchs found in Ongjin, South Hwanghae Province, are highly appreciated for their taste.
   Abalones, conches and mud-snails are prepared into various dishes, which are good for health.
   Their values may be compared with that of sea cucumbers.
   Oysters are widely distributed in the East and West seas of Korea, and those in the seas off Cholsan and Ongjin peninsulas are highly valued.
   They may be cooked into soup and served raw.