Wild goose, Wild duck, Water hen, Swan
   Wild geese are migratory birds that fly in autumn to winter in paddies and reservoirs along the coastal regions of Korea, in a flock of 30~50.
   Their meat tastes good and soft, is rather darkish in colour, and contains essential amino acids and minerals in good amounts.
   They are hunted with guns, nets and traps.
   They are cooked into pulgogi and spicy soup, tasty and easily digestive.
   Wild ducks are resident in all parts of Korea, mainly rivers, reservoirs and other fresh waters.
   The most suitable season for hunting wild ducks is between September and October, and they are hunted by shooting or trapping.
   The bird weighs 0.7~1.4kg, contains a rich amount of Vitamin B complex, PP and E, and digests well.
   Its meat smells of fish, so it should be bled enough and cooked by adding spices and flavourings, such as thyme, nutmeg, perilla and prickly ash.
   Wild ducks are fried, steamed and hard-boiled.
   Water hens, migratory birds, spend summer in the paddies, swamps, and the thickets by the rivers across Korea.
   The blood and the male’s comb are considered excellent medicinal stuffs for invigorating the health, and their efficacy is best from those hunted at midsummer.
   Water hens are cooked into various dishes, including the sauteed comb of the male water hen.
   Their meat is usually tough, so they are either steamed or fried before cooking.