Sambok & Tangogi Soup
   The hottest period of summer is called sambok in Korean.
   From olden times people went to summer resorts and prepared seasonable dishes.
   As a proverb says, Like cures like, they ate hot tangogi soup, samgyethang, spicy beef soup, aduzuki bean congee, boiled barley rice and leek soup.
   Tangogi soup is prepared with slices of well-cooked tangogi garnished with minced skin, oil, seasoning herbs, garlic, and powders of red and black peppers and served in boiling hot tangogi broth.
   Samgyethang is a dish of jugged young chicken with insam, jujube, glutinous rice and other ingredients.
   Spicy beef soup is prepared specially for those who find tangogi soup disagreeable.
   Beef soup is usually served without hot pepper, but during the midsummer days it is served hot.

Spicy beef soup

   Generally, chili powder is not at all used or as little as possible in preparing beef dishes, but the spicy beef soup is made with as much as chili powder like in tangogi soup.
   The spicy beef soup prepared in the Taegu area was renowned for its savoury taste.

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