15th Day of the Sixth Lunar Month & Congee with Fish
   The 15th day of the sixth lunar month is a folk holiday of Korean people, who enjoyed a hot summer day washing hair and having a bath in a stream east of the village.
   Old documents read that the people in the period of Koguryo (277 BC-AD 668), the first feudal state of Korea, had a bath in a stream east of the village and enjoyed a feast of dishes.
   Typical dishes on the day include congee with fish, noodles, rice cake dumplings, fermented rice cake and pancake.


   Pancake is prepared by frying a batter of cereal flour with or without fillings.
   It is important to get the batter well done, bring out good colour and form fine shapes.
   When making flower-garnished pancake, attention should be paid to fixing the garnishing on the batter before it is fully fried and coating the pancake with either honey or corn syrup before it is cooled.

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