15th Day of the Sixth Lunar Month & Congee with Fish
   The 15th day of the sixth lunar month is a folk holiday of Korean people, who enjoyed a hot summer day washing hair and having a bath in a stream east of the village.
   Old documents read that the people in the period of Koguryo (277 BC-AD 668), the first feudal state of Korea, had a bath in a stream east of the village and enjoyed a feast of dishes.
   Typical dishes on the day include congee with fish, noodles, rice cake dumplings, fermented rice cake and pancake.

Fermented rice cake

   A dough of rice flour mixed with kamju (sweet drink made of rice and malt) or makkolli (coarse liquor) is fermented and steamed.
   The fermented rice cake is aromatic and colourful, good-looking with palatable garnishing and soft to eat, and never turns sour even in summer.
   It is eaten all the year round, and more favoured in spring when one feels languid and loses appetite.

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