Third Day of the Third Lunar Month & Hwajon
   Koreans who regard 3 as a lucky number celebrate the third day of the third lunar month as a holiday.
   They ate hwajon (glutinous rice cake fried with azalea and chrysanthemum flowers), hwamyon (mung bean jelly slices in honeyed water served with pine nuts), and sumyon (mung bean noodles coloured in red and served in honeyed water).
   And they drank liquors named Sogukju, Tugyonju, Tohwaju and Samhaeju.

Hwamyon (Mung bean jelly slices served in honeyed water)

   The dough made of the mung bean starch is boiled and then sliced. The slices are put in honeyed water of Schizandra chinensis fruits and served with floral leaves of azaleas or royal azaleas and pine nuts.
   It was an old custom to eat hwajon and hwamyon on the third day of the third month by the lunar calendar.
   That day village women climbed mountains together and enjoyed the day, preparing hwamyon and other dishes.

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