Dishes for Lunar February 1
   In the old times Korean people regarded February by the lunar calendar as the beginning of the year’s farming.
   So they celebrated grandly the first day of the lunar February, calling it Ilgunnal, day of farm workers.
   They prepared and ate songphyon (half-moon-shaped rice cake) on the day, and those in the Phyongan provincial areas (at present North and South Phyongan, and Jagang provinces) favoured solgittok (steamed rice cake).

Steamed rice cake

   It is made by kneading rice flour coarsely with light saline water, placing the dough in layers in a steamer and steaming it.
   Various cereal flours were used in making the cake, and according to their ingredients the cake was called steamed glutinous rice cake or steamed nonglutinous rice cake. Adzuki bean, soybean, sesame, mung bean and others were used to dress the cake.
   In some cases, only cereal flours were steamed without dressings.

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